Badger Soundscape

Badger Soundscape is a planned educational project at the Paula Lane Nature Preserve.  Because of the intense habitat destruction adjacent to the conserved open space land, this project is also in jeopardy.

Our long-awaited educational program has as a central feature a soundscape of the Paula Lane Nature Preserve, with American Badger sounds included (yes, late night hunting activity includes several interesting Badger sounds).  An audio catalog of the upland habitat sounds – of birds, reptiles and other interesting audio-adventures has long been planned.  We are following the model of soundscapes by Bernie Krause and hope to have his consulting expertise.  Educationally, selecting the appropriate audio equipment, placing it, recording, monitoring, cataloging, and then producing the sounds in a format, such as a CD for identification and enjoyment, will help promote environmental and technological education.  We also find that audio-recording, as compared to wildlife “trap” cameras for visual recording are less invasive for the Nature Preserve and may help stimulate development of the aural sense as part of a holistic educational process.

If the habitat destruction described in several locations on our web site can be stopped and restoration required, we still hope to begin the Badger Soundscape project.  A celebration for us would be to record the return of American Badger to its habitat, along with the many other displaced species – red-shouldered hawks screeching, great horned owls hooting in their quiet dark nights, and others.

The audio-richness of Paula Lane and its upland habitat historically have been remarkable.

"Rain is grace."

— John Updike