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Attempted Habitat Destruction on Paula Lane

Currently, P.L.A.N. opposes a subdivision proposal on the property adjacent to the Preserve, immediately south, at 245 Paula Lane. New owners there acted to destroy all habitat areas. Wildlife have been been displaced and negatively impacted by illegal grading, excessive vegetation removal, human and dog encroachment, installation of obstructive nonclimb fencing and installation of several structures as well as night lighting. Area wildlife have been observed to be stressed and displaced.

P.L.A.N. is fundraising for legal support to oppose the proposed subdivision. The described negative impacts are already severe. Adding 2 lots between a large multi-storied house, with a roof higher than remaining trees and lit at night throughout the night – already – and the property line of the open space conserved land would further completely destroy all conservation values. The Conservation Easement of the open space property is currently in serious jeopardy.

How you can help: Contact us at info@paulalaneactionnetwork for more information. Consider making a donation today via our PayPal button to support P.L.A.N.'s necessary diversion of energy (while the open space project is also required to be implemented).

Open Space Project Update

In Summer 2015, PLAN is working with Equinox Landscape Co. for irrigation installation for the agriculture area and the planned hummingbird/butterfly/bee garden. The hummingbird garden is a project element we’ve anticipated for a very long time. This will be a native garden along the interior pathway, to be enjoyed as it evolves and provides habitat for hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. The pathway leads to a Wildlife View Area, where the Ken Miller Memorial Bench is installed. In these dry months, PLAN is maintaining low trays and water buckets filled with water for area wildlife whose closest water source is Marin Creek a quarter-mile away. This humane practice, using small amounts of water, provides refreshment for thirsty area wildlife as they try to sustain in an area where habitat destruction and obstructive fencing with illegal grading have negatively impacted natural areas of movement and places to rest. The native plant restoration program at the open space property is underway, and we are hand watering plants that have survived as we plan for a cost effective system of irrigation.

Check back for scheduled Guided Walks in Autumn 2015, and learn about the progress for project work and the plans for the open space property.  Quietly enjoy viewing of what wildlife can remain amidst an area where we continue to address habitat destruction and support all possible conservation practices to help our wildlife.


Visit again to check for upcoming guided educational walks and volunteer opportunities.

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