Conservation Education

The Preserve is an ideal location to support environmental education about upland habitat and wildlife who live here.

Planned educational activities for the public and local students include:
Interpretive kiosk with helpful information.
Ongoing update of P.L.A.N.’s Wildlife Inventory.

Native and agricultural plantings to benefit upland and grassland.

  • Plant list for habitat enhancement
  • Hummingbird, butterfly and bee garden

Preserve policies that support quiet repose and being a visitor in the home of the wild.

Badger Soundscape – an audio catalog for identifying and appreciating wild sounds in the Badger’s habitat.

BadgerMap – a citizen science project, documenting American Badger species and habitat observations in Sonoma County and the Bay Area.

Unfortunately, these features of the open space project are threatened by habitat destruction and severe encroachment south of the open space property. Until this situation is satisfactorily resolved, the educational program of the Preserve must be on hold.  See Conservation Alerts for how you can help.

"Let the rain kiss you."

— Langston Hughes