Board of Directors


Susan Kirks

Susan is a Naturalist with almost 20 years of field study and observation of American Badger. Badger, a special status mammal in California, is a reclusive mammal. Susan's in-depth experience includes understanding seasonal cycles, foraging and burrowing activity, and characteristics of a healthy habitat, to help us understand American Badger and its benefits to grassland ecosystems. Susan identified and documented 3 wildlife corridors in Sonoma and Marin Counties, including the corridor in which the Paula Lane open space property exists in West Petaluma.

Susan is responsible for leadership of PLAN in implementing the Paula Lane open space project, monitoring habitat, species protection, and developing volunteer and education programs. Susan often gives presentations to organizations and groups on conservation and learning about badgers - globally and regionally. She consults with organizations and property owners to facilitate an understanding of badgers in grassland, in upland and coastal areas, to support coexistence. Susan served from the 2nd District on the Sonoma County Ag and Open Space District's Citizens Advisory Committee 2008-2010 and participated in the inaugural Leadership Academy in 2011 of the Center for Ecoliteracy in Berkeley.

Susan has also served as the President of Madrone Audubon Society in Sonoma County, along with fulfilling roles of Vice President, Chair of Renewable Energy Subcommittee/Conservation, and Membership Chair. She helped lead Madrone Audubon's effort and support for the City of Petaluma attaining the Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance designation, received in 2018. Each year, Susan enjoys the intense implementing and maintaining of the nesting support project for herons and egrets on West 9th St. in Santa Rosa, managing an encroachment permit with the City of Santa Rosa.

Susan served on the Board of Directors of Rebuilding Together Petaluma 2008-2012 and was in the first Petaluma Wetlands Alliance Docent class in 2006. Past professional experience includes as a licensed acupuncturist in California and an adjunct professor of organizational communication in the Undergraduate Business School of Golden Gate University. Susan is an advocate for social and environmental justice, with experience in domestic and wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and humane treatment of animals and wildlife. She participated in a rescue and adoption effort for Premarin foals in California in 1999. Susan's education includes a B.A. in Communication with Honors from North Carolina State University in 1976, an M.S. Degree in Communication from Syracuse University Newhouse School of Communication in 1977, and an M.S. Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor's College of Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica in 1999.

Susan's commitment to open space preservation, protection of wildlife habitat and movement areas, and conservation education are reflected in the Paula Lane Nature Preserve open space land and her wide ranging conservation efforts in California.

Gayle Kozlowski

Gayle is a Lassen County native. Her early professional experience includes working for the US Forest Service in Range Management in the Eagle Lake Ranger District. She has a lifelong love of wildlife and nature and is dedicated to helping to preserve wildlife habitat. Gayle also creates art, featuring wildlife and nature. Gayle recently received a Certificate of Study from Santa Rosa Junior College’s Natural Resource Conservation Management Program. An annual conservation activity for Gayle for the past 8 years has been rescue of Herons and Egrets from the large heron and egret nesting colony on West 9th Street in Santa Rosa. Gayle’s professional experience includes working for Safeway Corp. for 20 years as a clerk, interacting with diverse members of the public on a daily basis.

John Kozlowski

John is a life-long conservationist who is a former environmental attorney. He is a Molecular Biologist whose graduate work includes study of life systems for sustainability and harmony of existence between humans and the environment.

Past Board Members:

Paul Selinger, 2006-2012
Nan Moon, 2006-2012
Kathleen O'Connor 2004-2013
Clifford Williams 2013-2019
Patrick Schafer 2004-2019

We currently have two Board vacancies. If interested in learning more about serving on PLAN's Board, please contact us at, 707-241-5548

Deer Heard

Picture: Deer herd on Paula Lane, foraging in early morning.

(Note:  Our beloved deer are currently displaced from the community by negative construction impacts. Read more at Conservation Alerts)

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

— Albert Einstein