BadgerMap is a research project of PLAN.  Maintained on iNaturalist, it is a Citizen Science project of PLAN.  Badger species sightings as well as burrow/habitat sightings are reported to PLAN and confirmed, then entered into the BadgerMap project.  The project is ongoing and, while primarily focused in Sonoma County, we accept reports of sightings from around the region and U.S.  We have received sightings from the Northwest at the California/Oregon border, as well as from southern California.  The purpose of the project is to maintain ongoing records to identify stable habitat areas for protection as well as to bring attention to threatened areas.  Badgers need land in order to survive, as well as sufficient prey, and for biodiversity the ability to move within a habitat and range to sustain.  The myths and old stories of having “large ranges” have not been true for many years in the United States.  In California and in Sonoma County, development, thoughtless human activity and habitat fragmentation and blockage of areas of movement all contribute to the lessening of the American Badger population and its ability to sustain.

To report a sighting for BadgerMap, contact us at: or call 707-241-5548.

To join the BadgerMap project, please log onto iNaturalist and become a member.  A kind reminder:  This is a Monitored project.  Only the Project Coordinator can enter data into the BadgerMap.  We seek to verify and confirm each reported species sighting or habitat area sighting to contribute to the integrity of the information in the project.

"Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home."

— Matsuo Basho