The P.L.A.N. Management Plan

The open space project involves a 5-Year Work Plan within an overall Management Plan.  A community amenity, a save haven for wildlife, and enrivonmental education are important for the project.  So few areas remain for wildlife to reside and forage in their native habitat.  Fencing, structures and fragmentation characterize areas surrounding Paula Lane.  Preserving the wildlife corridor of West Paula Lane is another important project feature, where wildlife naturally traverse south-north-south to and from Helen Putnam Regional Park to northwest Petaluma and beyond.    In Year 1, the Ken Miller Memorial Bench, donated by the Jern-Miller family and friends, was installed in Wildlife View Area 1 near an oak tree, overlooking the open space.  Year 2 includes habitat enhancement and restoration, planning for irrigation, and agriculture for wildlife and humans.  By Year 5, the Preserve Work Plan completes and the Management Plan will guide this innovative open space project for South Sonoma County.

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Management Plan 2013

"The wilderness holds answers to questions man has not yet learned to ask."

— Nancy Newhall