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Where are the Badgers?

Sonoma and Marin Counties have grassland habitat supporting small pockets of American Badger. Continuing to focus on existing habitat areas, especially identified natal territories (adult female badger in residence), and conserving these lands, along with connectivity through wildlife corridors, is critically important to help badgers survive.

West Petaluma currently continues to have threats to existing habitat and the ability for American Badger to reside in and move. The Sonoma County coast has small pockets of American Badger on various lands, and ensuring appropriate habitat protection on public lands is important for planning. Marin County also contains areas of grassland habitat, on some public lands as well as West Petaluma ranch-land. Pt. Reyes National Seashore is a haven for a small sustaining badger population.

PLAN's focus is to identify and ensure education about and protection of natal territories, and connectivity in a badger's home range, which will support biodiversity, in the midst of climate change impacts.

For more information about PLAN's conservation work, and to schedule a property site visit, contact info@paulalaneactionnetwork.org, or call 707-241-5548.

For property owners who understand the benefits of badgers in your grassland ecosystem, naturally managing gopher populations and helping to aerate soil for healthy grassland growth, we thank you.

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