Selinger Award for Excellence in Conservation

In 2012, P.L.A.N. established the Selinger award to honor our first President, Paul Selinger. Paul is a life-long activist in human and civil rights, as well as environmental protection. Paul served on P.L.A.N.'s Board of Directors from 2004 to 2012.

History of Selinger Awardees


CARRQ, Citizens Advocating for Roblar Rural Quality, for their focus on preserving water quality, natural resources and quality of life in West Petaluma, CA.  The CARRQ group also brought to the forefront of Sonoma County residents’ awareness the meaning of Conservation Easements and the necessity to protect such easements, funded by public taxpayer dollars.  More info:


Elizabeth Farrar and Craig Echols (for their personal conservation values, their support of P.L.A.N.’s work for many years, and their conservation work in Telluride Valley, Colorado)

"To harmonize with the surrounding scenery, to enter into the spirit of the landscape, in the highest beauty of domestic building."

— J.J. Thomas