Local Badger burrowing

Habitat next to open space land – now destroyed.

Local badger burrowing

Female burrowing complex 2010 to 2012

Contiguous to open space – now destroyed.

American Badger burrow complex

Grading and Destroying Badger Habitat

Next to open space land…grading, hacking away.

Grading and destroying badger habitat

American Badger in Sonoma County

Young Badger on the move

Naturalist Andy LaCasse photographed a juvenile badger in West Petaluma
Photo credit: Andy LaCasse

Young badger on the move (by Andy LaCasse)

Young Badger portrait

Naturalist Andy LaCasse saw a juvenile badger close to his garden.
Photo credit: Andy LaCasse

Young badger portrait (by Andy LaCasse)

Occidental Badger

Juvenile Badger explored a porch in Summer at OAEC

Occidental Badger

Burrows and foraging (deer skeleton nearby)

Protected open space property next to now destroyed habitat.

Burrows and foraging (deer skeleton nearby)

"We exercise restraint and caution before deciding to intervene (or not)… so much is at stake for the interwoven macro & micro life systems that are the land's components."

— Joan Vilms, Treatise on Nature-Based Land Ethic (2010)   /Click here to read more.../